Dogs, Dogs, and more Dogs!

We are having a stand at WINDSOR CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW again this year and are very excited about it! We have expanded our range of products for you so please pop along and take a look at what we have to offer. Windsor dog show takes place on the home park, free entry and is on Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th June 2014. Unfortunately you are unable to take your own dogs in with you but please DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR. Windsor provides a doggy crèche at both entrances and all proceeds made goes to the charity manning the stand on the day.

Grooming is becoming increasingly busy! And the weathers only getting hotter!!! We are currently running with a 3 week wait for a groom so if your pooch is looking a bit scruffy please book your appointment now otherwise you may find it is a long wait for a groom when you are ready. To avoid such a wait next time it may be worth booking your next appointment when you pick up your dog from grooming. As the grooming is one to one Kayley can only groom a certain amount of dogs at once unlike other salons we value our customers too much and refuse to overbook ourselves and compromise the quality of each groom. We hope you can understand and please be patient with the waiting time as we hate to disappoint!

Also sorry for those that are trying to get hold of us and keep getting the voicemail! I realize this must be very annoying! It’s nearly impossible to groom and answer the phone every time it rings, and although Dylan’s tried he can’t master picking up a pen with his huge paws yet!! As of tomorrow Gail a.k.a Mum will be helping with the phone calls so please be gentle!!

Beauty For The Beast – 07554 669 899 –