Pet Hotel



As so many of you have expressed interest we are pleased to say we can now offer a home boarding service!

Your dog will become part of our everyday life moving in with us crazy dog lovers and our two resident Springer’s Dylan and Alfie!



Day-care £20 per day
Unfortunately due to limited availability we can’t accept any more fulltime day-care customers i.e. 3-5x a week – we can however offer you an odd day cover if needed. Day care hours are anything between 8am and 6pm; anything over this will be charged at our night rate. 

Holiday Rates – £25 per day/night – (Second dog £20 per day/night)

All bank holidays £35 per day (second dog £30)

You provide all food (and if required supplements and medication)

They will have at least one (usually two) long walks a day depending on your requirements and their stamina! Obviously a Chihuahua will not be able to keep up with our Springer’s long walking schedules so this is completely tailored to suit your dog.
99% of the time we walk them at Virginia waters for the security factor of it being completely closed in and away from the road, but we also walk at black park, swinley forest, Windsor great park and other equally fun and muddy places!!

We are fully insured at ALL TIMES for both dog grooming AND home boarding so you can rest easy knowing that your baby is completely safe with us! We also have a safe and secure garden that is well fenced off with no escape route!

Drop off/pickup times?
As we are home based we can be very flexible however to keep from distrupting our own dogs and other visitors we ask that you stick to our timings of drop off and pick up between 8am and 8pm. If you are not here by the closing time for pickup and we have not heard from you you will be charged for the extra nights stay.

Things you need to know
- We have 2 ‘entire’ male dogs. This means we unfortunately cannot cater for females that have not been spayed or will be in season.
- We require a short ‘playdate’ upon any booking to ensure compatibility for both your dog and ours. This gives you the chance to meet us, ask any questions and have a good look at where your dog will be getting spoiled while you are away.
- Your dog MUST BE vaccinated, wormed, and free from fleas.
- We try our best to only look after one dog or one family of dogs at any one time, however our rule is no more than 3 holiday dogs at once and in peak times we are likely to be at our max – if we are full we are full so book early!
- Spaces are strictly first come first serve.
- Depending on the length of your holiday we may require a small deposit payable on the playdate.
- We never leave our dogs alone therefore will never leave yours!
- If your dog is used to sleeping on furniture and beds this will be accommodated for (ours do!!)
- Please bring their bed and something that smells of you and their home. (Will be washed clean and ready on collection day)

Things we need to know
These are questions we will ask you on the playdate that will take place before your dogs holiday so we can have everything ready to make this as stress free and easy for your dog when settling in as posisble.

What time do you usually get up?
What time is their usual walk? If they have set times?
How many meals do they usually have in a day?
Do they have any special medication or dietary requirements?
Where do they usually sleep?
Do they have good recall?
And several more questions like this.

We will need to take a few details from you i.e. vet info, emergency
contact, medical history, allergies etc. All of this info will be collected on
the playdate.

We can also look after small animals, please call us for a quote and information.

We cannot cater for cats

For full terms and conditions please see T&C page at the bottom of this screen.