• FREE consultation
  • FREE tick removal
  • Collection available
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning & plucking
  • Teeth cleaning (where possible!)
  • General health check and advice
  • De-matting
  • Removing of dead hair
  • Hair styles as requested – All breed standards are available.
  • Hand stripping (please note this can only be performed on certain coats and will be determined by one of our stylist’s during your consultation.)
  • Pawdicure just £5 (please check in advance that we have your chosen colour in stock!)



  • Puppy Package! A very calm and basic groom to ease your puppy into the grooming experience and build their confidence. Puppies are welcome as soon as all vaccinations are completed. A pups first grooming session will depend on the individual pup; our priority is to keep your puppy as happy and stress free as possible. Your new puppy will benefit from the new sights, sounds and smells of the grooming environment from an early age and become accustom to being handled and gradually get used to our equipment.
    With a puppies first groom it’s a case of what you can do as opposed to what you want to do, many puppies first experience has a lasting impression and with a life time of grooming ahead of him or her; a good experience is so important. On a first groom this usually includes bath, dry, nail clipping, ear cleaning, feet and face trim where needed.
    Puppy grooms start at £20 and are available for all breeds, this is usually ideal for pups up to 4 months old, however some pups may still benefit from having puppy grooms (minimal hair cut) up to 7/8 months.


  • Old Age Dogs (OAD) – As we know when we get older we may slow down have aches and pains and different sorts of problems, well it’s no different for dogs. Many of my customers are old dogs and have all sorts of problems. Some are blind, deaf, have skin problems and many are arthritic. Dogs like these need extra special care and here at Beauty for the BEAST we make sure they get it. Elderly dogs are given as many breaks as they need and if a groom becomes too stressful I will end the grooming session, as they can always come back another day to be finished. (Please see our price list or call for a quote).


  • Pamper Package – Includes – Bath, Dry, Blast dead hair out, Brushing, de-matting – where needed, Hair cut (as discussed in your consultation before hand), Ear cleaning and/or plucking, teeth cleaning, and nail clipping. Luxury shampoo, deep coat re-moisturising conditioner, fragrance sprays and paw nourishment wax is applied. A pamper package usually takes around 1-2 hrs depending on the breed/size of your dog. Your dog will be in a friendly and relaxing environment with toys and treats at hand for play time during and after their groom.


  • Cat grooming and pampering! (NO DOGS WILL BE BOOKED IN AT THE SAME TIME AS YOUR CAT) Grooms are tailored to each customer and will be discussed beforehand. Cat grooms are more expensive as cats take at least 2 groomers and need to be groomed very slowly. Please note – we can not give you an accurate quote over the phone – we need to see the condition and temperament of your cat first as this will have an impact on how long the groom is likely to take.


  • Guinea Pig and Rabbit grooming – Usually bath with a slight trim if requested and nails cut. – This starts at just £20


Cancellations Policy – Please provide us with at least 24 hrs notice if you are to cancel you appointment as we always have a waiting list and can easily fill the spot given enough time. If you have not shown up for 3 appointments in a row we are sorry but unless you provide payment beforehand we cannot book you in with us again as such unpredictability cannot be accepted.
If you are more than 30 mins late for an appointment we may not be able to carry out your groom and you are likely to need to rebook, as this is a one on one service we allow exactly the right amount of time per customer and any excessive lateness (30 mins or more) compromises the next groom time.

Above everything else a furbulous experience for both you and your pet!



DOGS Short Hair Price From Long Hair Price From
Small Chihuahua
Jack Russell
Medium Staffie
Cocker Spaniel
Miniature Schnauzer
Large Labrador
X Large Great Dane
St Bernard
Puppy Grooming from £20 – Up to 6 months old.
CATS Short Hair Long Hair
Prices From


Hand stripping available on request. Prices above are a rough guideline only, depending on your dog the groom may cost slightly more or less.