Do Mats Matter??

It’s the time of year when our dogs are constantly wet! Unless they get brushed correctly DAILY mats are inevitably going to happen!

So many people contact us or visit for a consultation and don’t understand why when we say to shave the coat down is the only option. Its simple, HUMANITY BEFORE VANITY.

No good groomer will ever put a dog through pain or discomfort by trying to demat an entire coat. Even if the knots are scattered around the body the most humane way to groom is to clip under the mats – by doing this the dog is in NO pain at all and the mats are removed without the skin being tugged constantly leading to a fear of being groomed in the future. Besides the fur grows back 100% healthier.


Beauty for the Beast’s matting policy
Any dog that is unable to be completely groomed free of any mats within the recommended 20 minutes will need to be shaved short in compliance with the animal welfare act. (2007 section 5 states that ‘all animals are to be protected from pain, injury, and suffering’)

What is a mat???
Mats are knots that occur when a dogs coat is not brushed thoroughly or brushed at all and are no longer able to be brushed out. When mats become large and more serious they grow very close to the skin, in some cases the skin can grow into the mat making it very difficult to remove. When mats occur between the front and back legs they prevent the dog from moving freely creating pain (they don’t have to be large mats). A matted coat also creates the best environment for fleas and skin infections, making it almost impossible to know if they are there and how to treat them.

How does my dogs whole body seem to get matted at once??
One mat is formed of dead split hair that brings in other hairs around it killing those hairs and causing them to form more mats – cobweb matting – it does not take long before the whole coat is a giant cobweb mat forming larger mats as the hair grows, although we worry a dog will be cold if we clip them it really is much nicer for them than having their skin pulled and not having any air available to their body’s or restricted movement.

How can I stop this??
We understand most of you would ideally like a long fluffy coat and we can work together with you to achieve this, many of our furry customers benefit from a routine groom schedule  – many come in every 4 weeks; one time for a bath and brush out and the next for a furcut. This is how we can keep on top of a nice fluffy coat or breed standard. You also benefit from a nice smelling dog and with such regular appointments discounts can be arranged. If you do not wish to have such regular grooming we can always show you what tools to use and how to correctly brush and groom your dog at home. After all we always want what is best for your dogs.
There are also simple things we are all guilty of that could cause matting such as rubbing your dog dry instead of patting them dry, not brushing them often enough, using the wrong shampoo and brushes for home bathing, as I said it’s the simple silly things that matter the most.

I don’t think my dog is so badly matted can you save some fur at least???
Please do not be put off by this as this is just the harsh reality of matting. Our aim is NOT to make every dog short haired! Our aim is to make every dog COMFORTABLE!!!
There is the odd exception where we will be able to demat your dogs coat, or many customers opt for a bikini line groom which eliminates the suspect areas – belly armpits sanitary area and in-between back legs. We may even be able to remove the mats only and leave the rest of the body long, this does look silly but may be better for those of you not quite ready to take the plunge and remove all of the coat at once.

Will I be charged ridiculous amounts if my dog is matted???
NO – Many groomers charge extra for matted coats as by clipping under the mats blunts our blades rendering them no longer usable. We do not charge extra for a clip off but may charge extra if the coat is salvageable by some light dematting.

If I come for a groom and you say shave do I HAVE to get him shaved???
If your dog is thoroughly matted and we feel the only option is to clip them short we will not force you! By all means get a second, third, and fourth opinion, you may find someone that is willing to brush these mats out but this will more than likely be uncomfortable for your dog. By all means pop in for a free consultation and we can discuss this with you – not all matted dogs need to be shaved, if you catch these knots early enough we can easily demat them for you during your grooming session. Most areas that mat first are behind and under ears, armpits, groin, in-between back legs – we can keep these areas shorter than the rest; this will not be noticeable but will stop cobweb matting (as explained earlier) and make things much more manageable for you at home.
If your dog is severely matted please do not bath them – when they are matted the hair stops air getting to the skin not allowing it to dry properly which will easily lead to skin conditions and when the hair eventually does dry the mats dry closer and tighter to the skin.


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Please do not be offended if your dog was used in these pictures we have been asked to show examples of matted dogs. If you would like us to remove these pictures please let us know!