Grooming Update!


Sorry for the absence! We have been snowed under with hairy doggies! Not that we are complaining! Quite the opposite in fact! (THANK YOU!!!)

As many of you know one of the things that makes beauty for the beast unique is our one to one service, and we pride ourselves on this. With that being said; now we have become increasingly busy the waiting time for a groom was becoming a little too long (some of you having to wait 5 weeks or more!!) in an attempt to rectify this, Gail a.k.a. Mum was helping out a few days a week with the bathing, this has made a huge difference for all involved and I’m sure you will agree it’s much easier and quicker to get an appointment again!
Gail enjoys it so much she has agreed for this to be a permanent change and you will now all be seeing a lot more of her! (Usually with a coffee in one hand and a wet soapy dog in the other!!)
The only difference this might make to your experience is that when there are two groomers – you guessed it… this means two dogs or more in at once, this can sometimes mean that instead of your groom taking the usual time we might need to keep them slightly longer – if this is the case we will let you know when you drop your pooch off.

But don’t worry!! Even with this small change I am still offering the same service as always and if you have a dog that’s nervous, not good with other dogs, or you just prefer the one on one grooming experience, please just let us know when making your appointment and we will make sure we book you in accordingly.


Kayley x


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