Flea’s & Ticks!

We remove Ticks for free, this is a 2 minute job but please give us a call before hand to make sure we are available.
We also have tick twisters for sale so you can do this yourself at home as soon as you see the tick; were more than happy to show you how!
Tick twisters retail at £5 but we sell them to you for just £2

We all know fleas can be nightmares to get rid of for the everyday pet owner; and because of this we never turn away any animal brought to us with fleas. We have effective treatments to eliminate all fleas and eggs.

However we do have some ground rules –

If you pre warn us that your dog has fleas we can book you in appropriately so that your dog will not interact with any other’s and prevent flea’s from spreading. Charged at an additional £7.50 on top of your groom.

If your dog arrives with fleas and we haven’t been warned; We then need to flea bath all dogs in the salon that day and flea bomb the place at the end of the day. This will be charged at £17 on top of your usual groom price.

We also have salon grade de-flea insecticidal shampoo available to buy, so once we have cleared your dog of all fleas you are welcome to continue the treatment at home for peace of mind.


We also must stress!!! Even if we have de fleaed your dog, fleas and eggs still live on bedding, carpets, clothes etc so we recommend boil washing anything your dog comes into contact with so they will not immediately catch the fleas again. It may sound silly but this is the most common mistake people make when dealing with these pesky creatures!