A & E!!!

As many of you already know my horse decided to throw me off landing me on a pile of rubble a couple of months ago so I have been – and still will be out of action for some time!

Funny enough because if this will be featuring in 24 Hours in A & E!! This is estimated to be aired in October but we will keep you updated!!

We have been lucky enough to have 3 wonderful cover groomers taking up the slack, all of whom are friends I have trained and worked with throughout the years so all groom with the same style and quality of work, we all take great pride in what we do.

Gail has been progressing with her training well; she can now offer full grooms (start to finish) on most breeds so we are very proud of her progress!


In this time I have had a chance to look into what other service’s we can offer you guys and I’m pleased to say I am now adding several spa packages and changing our pricing system slightly… this means there will be plenty of deluxe treatments available to be added on top of the regular groom, and also new types of in between grooms most useful of them being the new wash n go service.


Thanks again for all the support during what has been a very difficult few months!


Kayley & Gail