Why Choose Us?


  • Best prices guaranteed
  • Fully insured at all times.
  • K9 First Aiders
  • We believe health and safety is the most important so we will take time to know about you and your pet before we start any grooming. We respect animals, their feelings and worries too, so it’s worth spending time to let them feel comfortable and safe.
  • We do not rush any grooms or stress any animals in our care. We would rather spend longer relaxing your pet so they have an enjoyable experience, then to rush and stress them out unnecessarily – only your pet(s) will be in the salon at any one time, no waiting in cages or being harassed by other animals being groomed.
  • Clean and hygienic salon with top quality equipment – everything will be sterile before using on your pet. Germs, fleas and infections can be transmitted easily so we always make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  • Skin friendly products
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere for you and your pet with strictly NO CAGE dryers used.
  • We all animal mad! And will treat your pet as one of our own with a true personal touch throughout the groom, making it as much of a stress free and enjoyable experience for them as possible! We will always go the extra mile to meet you and your pet’s requirements.